Current Cases

SIA’s first case involves a foreign investor facing a number of issues including the Kyrgyz company in which the foreign investor is a shareholder:

  • not providing financial information and dividends
  • owning assets in private person’s names instead of the business name, and not complying fully with all legislation (in other words, continuing to operate in the shadow economy).

In accordance with the “General Case Procedure” SIA wrote to all parties involved in the dispute, requesting them to solve the issue among themselves within one week. Here is the letter which was send (the identity of the parties has been removed for confidentiality).

The parties were not able to solve the issue among themselves within one week so the matter has now been referred to the SIA board of directors.

Additional information

Case significance: This document summarises the general benefits of solving problems that foreign investors face, as well as the specific benefits of solving this particular case.