SIA Knowledge is issued by SIA. The purpose of SIA Knowledge is to discuss topics of interest in Kyrgyzstan and other frontier markets relating to SME sector growth.

Financial Institutions Initiative

The SIA Financial Institutions Initiative (“SIA-FII”) is an initiative to increase investor protection by deterring wrongdoing. The initiative is currently in development phase. The article can be downloaded here

Foreign Investors Exposure to Corruption: Kyrgyz Perspective

Corruption affects all stages of the investment process, even pre-investment when it reduces the number of investable opportunities by driving investors away. This article focuses on the middle stage of the investment process. Three characteristics that expose investors to corruption risk in Kyrgyzstan are discussed. These characteristics are not unique to Kyrgyzstan. The article can be downloaded here.

Attracting Foreign Investors to Kyrgyzstan

Kyrgyzstan, like many other frontier markets, is struggling to attract foreign investors. Investor friendly laws, favorable tax regime and assurances by the government that investors will be protected are not working as expected. What more needs to be done, or what needs to be done differently? This article, written together with LR Global, suggests a few simple things, which when done right, which will increase investor interest. An example is ensuring positive investor experiences by investors who are already here. This positive experience can be used to demonstrate governments commitment to protect investors. The article can be downloaded here.

Tips for Foreign Investors Entering the Kyrgyz Market

An investor faces many challenges when entering a new market. The success of an investment depends on how well the foreign investor is familiar with the peculiarities of a particular jurisdiction. Here we would like to provide some legal tips for potential foreign investors aiming at doing business in the Kyrgyz Republic. The article can be downloaded here.

Investment Impact: Direct and Indirect Benefits

In this introductory article, we briefly discuss the broad impact that a direct investment by a foreign investor can have on the national economy.  The article can be downloaded here.