SIA's activities will focus on providing support to SMEs facing problems, publicising our activities to gain investors confidence and contributing towards improving the investment climate in Kyrgyzstan.

More specifically SIA's activities will be:

Assistance to SMEs

In case any of the SIA members face problems, SIA will provide assistance such as securing support and publicity to ensure that the problems are solved in a good way, without any corrupt practices or intimidation

Research and analysis

This will include identifying problems and risks Kyrgyz SMEs face, the process and action taken to solve the problem and the outcome. This information will be invaluable for foreign companies since it will highlight risks, what can be done to mitigate risks and the results.


Publicity and reputation will contribute to SIA's success. SIA will undertake publicity and confidence building activities, through different media.


Regular short seminars will be organised in Kyrgyzstan, and seminars will be hosted internationally from time to time, to share knowledge and create awareness

Think tank

SIA will make suggestions towards improving the investment climate by participating in consultations and making recommendations relating to legislative and policy changes.