Guiding Principles

These guiding principles are not written here to make SIA look good, we will follow it strictly.


SIA has been set up to deliver results. SIA will focus all its energy on delivering results, It is not easy with but widespread support, determination and good intentions it will succeed


SIA will strive to operate to the highest levels of transparency. Board resolutions will be published on the website unless the information is commercially sensitive. Regular updates on activities and results, including annual accounts will be published. SIA is working for the benefit of the public, is has nothing to hide.


The SIA concept is innovative. SIA will strive to think outside the box to find solutions to challenging issues. Kyrgyzstan needs more foreign investors, and traditional approaches for attracting investors have not worked. Innovation is needed to leapfrog the development process.

Leverage Existing Resources

Kyrgyzstan has resources and mechanisms to protect investors. Unfortunately it does not function all the time. With the right approaches the current resources and mechanisms can function effectively. Cases can be investigated thoroughly, and wrong doers can be punished adequately.